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3 July 2018

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Guitar medley
18 May 2018

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Moody evening
13 May 2018

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29 December 2016

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16 January 2012

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Father and son
18 February 2009

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Goin' home
2 February 2009

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The boat that I row
8 December 2008

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Keith's bridge
20 March 2008

Recent Comments

Colin at Eyeconic on Round and around
Stunning capture - bravo

omid on Memories
such beautiful frame, colors, lights & details! Lovely!

kiwisa on Memories
It would have been good to have had a glass or two from the bottles that collection came from. Well done.

Ronnie 2¢ on Memories
Time well spent - there is perfection here !

Hiro on Memories
You are a great drinker ! I have to say, me too !

grouser on Memories
I do the same with corks :) Nice still life

Ana Lúcia on Memories
Amazing colors and composition.

Darkelf Photography on Memories
This is another beautiful arrangement. The composition, light and colours are all excellent with both titles suiting ...

B. Thomas on Looks STationary to me!
Happy Silly Tuesday!

beach on Looks STationary to me!
Going nowhere, me thinks

Hiro on Looks STationary to me!
Haha ! intereSTing Tuesday shot !!

grouser on Looks STationary to me!
It's a fundamental truth. Nothing in the universe is STatic

Existence Artistique on Looks STationary to me!

Ronnie 2¢ on Looks STationary to me!
Such a versatile vehicle !

Darkelf Photography on Gone but not forgotten
A beautiful tribute. Wonderfully arranged and photographed Rob. Very thoughtful.

omid on Gone but not forgotten
Great tribute! ... Lovely!

Blikvanger on Where the #$@* is up?????
Magnificent shot! There is so much action and lots to see. I like it a lot.

Ralf Kesper on Gone but not forgotten
He was a brave man. An adequate tribut for him. RIP Sir.

beach on Gone but not forgotten
Touching memorial

Hiro on Gone but not forgotten
yeah, very nice tribute...

grouser on Gone but not forgotten
a poignant still life

Dimitrios on Gone but not forgotten
A NICE TRIBUTE for a father....

Existence Artistique on Gone but not forgotten
un bel hommage

yoshimiparis on Gone but not forgotten
beautiful photograph for a nice tribute to this soldier

Ronnie 2¢ on Gone but not forgotten
Ah, yes, the memories that a collection like this can hold . .

Darkelf Photography on Praying mantis
That is a cool effect and composition. Looks just like sitting atop a real butterfly. Well spotted and photographed ...

omid on Praying mantis

Existence Artistique on Praying mantis

Rebecca on Praying mantis
Excellent macro.

Hiro on Praying mantis
interesting combination !

grouser on Praying mantis
Perhaps it was hoping to eat it :) Excellent and fortuitous capture

Ralf Kesper on Praying mantis
Good macro shot.

Libouton Martine on Praying mantis
J'aime beaucoup ta photo

Darkelf Photography on Soap bubble
I like the concept. I like how you experiment with photography and results are superb. One day I might take up similar ...

grouser on Soap bubble
and there was me thinking you had been at the photoshop

omid on Nieu-Bethesda
Lovely place!

omid on Soap bubble
:) such beautiful composition, focus, colors & lights! Amazing reflections!

Existence Artistique on Soap bubble

grouser on Soap bubble
ah yes the old bubble selfie ShoT. I have never seen a bubble blowing wand before. It's always a ring here. It ...

Libouton Martine on Soap bubble
Magnifique prise

Hiro on Soap bubble
Interesting !

Dreams come true on Soap bubble
Great creation.

Ralf Kesper on Soap bubble
Really good and creative picture.

Darkelf Photography on Nieu-Bethesda
Excellent perspective and well managed exposure across the entire scene. This has a peaceful, quiet feel to it and I ...

Hiro on Nieu-Bethesda
very nice

grouser on Nieu-Bethesda
Interesting cool colour palette and great perspective

Ralf Kesper on Nieu-Bethesda
Really a lovely place for living.

Ronnie 2¢ on Nieu-Bethesda
Looks like Time moves slowly there . .

kiwisa on Nieu-Bethesda
Oh what a gorgeous village.

yoshimiparis on Furry
with macro photography we can admire all these little fluffy details of the plant

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